Abel Derderian

Abel Derderian

Frontend developper in Paris, He/Him


I’m a 🇫🇷 software engineer in web frontend development!

Work Experience

2020 — Now

I joined Beamy in february 2020, at Station F (Paris) as software engineer. I work on the development of our platforms (in Vue.js, like the cools kids nowadays and NestJS).

My daily life focuses on:

  • The release of new frontend / backend features
  • Performance challenges and optimizations
  • Monitoring of deployments via continuous integration and adequate test sets
  • Have a critical eye on UX / UI as well as user feedback
  • Continue to learn to improve my / our technical pluevalue on a daily basis
  • Have a good time with amazing people! 👊

I also do technology watch (digital and physical) by attending professional conferences and preparing a blog about it.

You have a good chance to meet me in convention (Vue.js Amsterdam, Frontend Love, JSWorld, etc) ! ✨

2019 — 2019

Internship of 6 months at Gandi, french leading domain name registrar, mentored by Gandi's Front-End Lead Developer.

I have first started my internship by building a simple static webpage: Postmaster, which aims at guiding users of Gandi's email offering through solving common email delivery rejections.

The page is available in $n languages and leverages React HTML rendering and Gandi's internal UI components library.

I then was assigned a more ambitious project, "Gandi in Numbers", which is a project in order to publish information in the form of numbers and statistics about Gandi. I had strong ownership on the creation and development of this project and was abble to be proactive in term of strategic and technical choice.

It consists of a React (isomorphic) web application which leverages both client-side and server-side rendering, following a progressive enchancement strategy, and is built on top of a custom technical stack that I have built from scratch with the ambition of turning this stack into a light, re-usable web applications framework.

Technical highlights include:

  • React & React Redux
  • Custom build system using Webpack, to produce optimized client & server JavaScript bundles with Babel, CSS stylesheets with Sass, (s)CSS Modules and PostCSS / Autoprefixer.
  • Code quality tooling using ESLint, Flow, Prettier.
  • Server side rendering, for performance and accessibilty improvment.
  • Node.js web infrastructure with Express.js.
  • Creation of specific React Components, leveraging Hooks / Context APIs and Redux
  • Uses of React Hooks and Context.
  • Unified HTTP requests API both on the server and in the browser using isomorphic-fetch.

Data came from a REST API that I wrote in Node.js, which was introduced to proxify internals datas from a distant Prometheus and serve them as an Express middleware.

Units test was made with Jest, and the they was typed with Flow, as such as API.

2018 — 2018

Internship of 5 months in the company Maecia, creator of intranet for large groups as a front-end developer / integrator.

Works on the Web integration (HTML5 / CSS3 / JS) and especially on the Vue.js framework.

2017 — 2018
CEO at Brodev

In january 2017 I founded Brodev which was a computer development company (website, mobile application), reputation management (SEO), computer maintenance, etc.


2020 — Now

Emergency first aider working on behalf of the Paris SAMU, firefighters and supervising various social events

2018 — 2019

Presidency and management of the Efrei Paris’s Students Desk for the 2600 students / 55+ associations on the mandate 2018 - 2019, including the dialogue with the different stackholders and suppliers.

I had strong ownership and responsibilities such as a constant communication with the administration and the managment of the school. During my term, I attended on the board of the school where I was the spokesperson of the students. As such I had to represent and defend their interests. The student office also has in its perimeter of action the management of the 55+ associations.
I also organized and managed the commercial and financial negotiations with the companies wishing to invest in the school through the different tenders.

Follow-up the projects such as our associations digital intranet creation, made by an external provider: associations.efrei.fr/

Fully committed and involved, my responsibilities during this term were :

  • Creation of events and communications to ensure an optimal sales / transformation rate
  • Having an excellent sense of personal and team organization, in short and long term
  • Negotiating partnerships with large groups
  • Managing a team of 35 people and know how to impose oneself in debates with different actors (55+ associations
  • Protecting the student interests to the board of directors of Efrei Paris
  • Protecting and promote the interests of minorities within the school

Being in a BDE and especially as a president needs to be dynamic, empathic, creative, to have a good relationship, not to be afraid of thinking out of the box, to be able to have a leadership posture.

This experience brought me an incroyable business network, good memories and especially a personal and professional enrichment on my ability to manage projects.